Why Total Tuna!?


Our story begins with me (surprise, surprise!).   Ever since I was a little kid, I have been a tuna salad fanatic.  However, like most kids, I was a very picky eater.  So picky, in fact, that I would eat tuna salad for either lunch and/or dinner every single day.  This went on throughout all of my childhood and teen years and into adulthood. 

As you can imagine, when someone consumes that much tuna salad, you become very creative with its preparation.  My famous recipe can actually be found right here on this website.  My love for tuna salad was based on so many different principles.  It was healthy, high in protein, easy to make, delicious and could be consumed in a variety of creative ways.  Whether it be a wrap, with a garden salad, as a sandwich with crackers or chips....it didn't matter.  Always good, always on my daily menu no matter what.

This went on for about 34 years until one day I began to experience health problems from heavy metal toxicity caused by mercury that's found in traditional albacore tuna.  You can read all about the truths and myths associated with mercury toxicity in the TUNA FACTS section.

Aside from tapering my diet to include a variety of new additions, I just couldn't handle the thought of NEVER eating tuna salad again.  It was then that I discovered VITAL CHOICE®, the highest quality, best tasting, healthiest, organic albacore tuna on the planet in my humble opinion.

That leads me to today.  As an entrepreneur with a few successful businesses already under my belt, the obvious finally occurred to me.  How about a business that's 100% dedicated to the food that I'm most passionate about!?  I've found out that I'm not alone in this passion, and it is with this in mind that I've committed Total Tuna! to the following MISSION:

Provide our customers with the healthiest, tastiest, organic tuna salad made to order at a reasonable price.